Club 111 was a dance club in the so-called City of Masks, Depatar, in the gas giant Genarius. It was managed by Sebaracca the Wookiee, who used two Wookiee caretakers, Bael and Touda, as the main security forces. A widely popular establishment, Club 111 attracted a line of potential customers even before it opened its door; however, Bael and Touda had the final say about any individual entering or not. As the attendants were commonly disguised following Depatar norms, the doormen sometimes decided basing on how funny or interesting the costumes were in their opinion.

Sebaracca knew that a certain amount of criminal activities took place in her lounge — something unsurprising in a city like Depatar, known as one of the biggest black markets in the Cularin system. She allowed it as long as she could collect a tithe on any amount changing hands.

In 31 BBY, the Jedi Knight Alec visited Club 111 while disguised as an albino Wookiee Jedi. Alec danced spectacularly until he decided to drink some Ithorian brandy, and then he joined his friend, Danil, and left to Box 113 in the Five Star Entertainment theater.

A few days afterwards, some people visited Club 111 looking for Alec, who was reportedly missing. The investigators' permitor Fot Ducela convinced the Wookiee porters to let them in. That night, several costumed people were dancing, including those identified as Blanco, Crolar, Gordy, Pawel, Smooch and Worm.