"How would you feel about joining a very elite little club?"
―Eramuth Bwua'tu to Leia Organa Solo[src]

Club Bwuat'u was a clandestine organization within the Galactic Alliance government and other well-placed and informed beings who were determined to uncover the various conspiracies that seemed to be bent on total galactic anarchy. Among the membership were both Nek and Eramuth Bwua'tu, Chief of Staff Wynn Dorvan, interim Chief of State Padnel Ovin, Lando Calrissian, Han and Leia Solo, and several others. The group also sought to bring Qaras Senator Rokari Kem into their fold; however, unbeknownst to them Rokari Kem was actually Abeloth, and while Padnel Ovin was addressing the Senate, Abeloth used the Force to kill him.

Club Bwua'tu played an important part in the planning for the Jedi operation to liberate Coruscant. Knowing the Jedi would return to reclaim Coruscant, the Sith started seizing different important positions in the administration such as immigration posts, high-ranking positions in Galactic Alliance Security and the Galactic Alliance Department of Justice. However, Club Bwua'tu started infiltrating teams of two or three Jedi onto Coruscant. They later assisted in the liberation with Galactic Alliance Marines loyal to Admiral Bwua'tu.


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