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Club Jade is an online community that started in 1995 for discussion of Star Wars novels. Timothy Zahn devoted Vision of the Future to the Club Jaders. Dark Spork—webmaster of Club Jade—is responsible for the design of Wookieepedia's current logo, and the Club Jade website has a permanent link to Wookieepedia.

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The organizationEdit

Club Jade was formed off rec.arts.sf.starwars (R.A.S.S.) in 1995 by a group of fans looking to start a Mara Jade fan club and discuss Star Wars novels. Although interest in the novels themselves has waned, Club Jade remains an active community of Star Wars fans.

The website was established soon after the list by one of the group's founders, JeffP. The site expanded with the group itself, coming to host fan fiction, humor and other creative works from the list members. In 1997 Jeff handed the reigns of the site over to Tracy Duncan, the current webmaster.

The blogEdit

On the index of the site is a daily weblog that keeps track of Star Wars news.

Fanfic archiveEdit

With the demise of in 2004, Club Jade became the oldest known online archive of Star Wars fan fiction. The stories mostly date from the late 1990s and focus on the group's namesake, Mara Jade Skywalker.

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