Clynn was an Imperial lieutenant during the Galactic Civil War and was stationed on Kalist VI in 0 ABY.


During his tour at the base, Clynn met a newly rotated-in officer named Janek Sunber, and immediately had a confrontation with him—ostensibly over taking Clynn's bunk, but in reality to show the new 'meat' who was in charge.

Sunber, however, proved more than a match for Clynn's brutish fighting style, earning the lieutenant's respect by standing up for himself and being identified as one of the 'heroes' of Maridun. Clynn took Sunber under his wing, introducing him to life on the base, and one of the 'perks' of being an officer—being free to take advantage of female prisoners.

After being forced by Sunber—at blaster-point—to release his prisoner, Clynn reported the incident, minus key details, to their commanding officer, Captain Kale Roshuir. This resulted in Sunber being confined to base while its troops were mobilized to investigate a possible Rebel base in the Thila system.

Accompanying Captain Roshuir to Thila, Clynn was killed by a booby trap left behind in the abandoned Rebel base.



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