"Or you may allow me to have it. I think it is adorable. You would not be troubled with it, and I would make it worth your while."

Lord Cnorec was a member of the Empire Reborn which was led by the Dark Jedi Hethrir, the former Imperial Procurator of Justice. He was rich and powerful, owning vast resources including starships and having several followers.


During a meeting with Lord Hethrir in 14 ABY, Cnorec was present along with Lord Qaqquqqu and Lady Ucce. He suggested that he have the then three-year-old Anakin Solo because he found the boy adorable and that Hethrir would not be troubled with it since he would make it worth Hethrir's while. However, Hethrir replied by saying that he would keep Anakin since he wanted to sacrifice him to Waru at Crseih Station.

Later, when he disagreed with Hethrir over the large amount of the captive children to be auctioned, Hethrir choked him to death using The Force. His body was then carried out of the room by two Proctors.



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