The Cobral family was a criminal family that controlled the planet of Frego until Lena Cobral testified before the Galactic Senate. Remnants of the family continued conducting criminal activities on Rori well into the Galactic Civil War. Lena Cobral married in to the family in 44 BBY, around the time Rutin's father died.

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Family treeEdit

       ?-+-?            ?-+-?                    +-----+
         |                |                      |     |
   Zanita Cobral--+--Unnamed male            ?-+-?     ?-+-?
                  |                            |         |
      +-----------+------------+               +         +
      |           |            |               |         |
Solan Cobral Bard Cobral Rutin Cobral--+--Lena Cobral  Mica



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