Coby was a young boy who lived on the planet Tammuz-an around 15 BBY.



Coby, Gerin, and their pet Ingey.

He was the son of warlord-chieftain Lord Malameu Toda, brother to Gerin, and owned a small white pet named Ingey. Jann Tosh once escorted the boy to a space port on Chuzalla, as Coby had been accepted into the Imperial Academy, but a group of brigands known as the Starhunters abducted Ingey and brought him to Dandelo. Coby and Jann (along with C-3PO and R2-D2) followed the Starhunters and rescued Ingey. There he met an elderly Near-Human named Greej and decided to join him rather than continue to the Academy.

Physical appearanceEdit

Coby was nine-years old in 15 BBY, had brown eyes, green hair, and had dark blue skin. He was about 1.07 meters as a child. Coby wore an orange military tunic, black boots, a belt,and a red officer's cap and pants.

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