"I'm looking for Codeq Santhananan. He been in lately?"
"That barve got drilled a coupla months ago. Right outside the door. I had a pair of rehab droids scrubbing the burn mark for two whole standard time periods, and it still didn't come out."
―Dengar and Wuher[src]

Codeq Santhananan was an individual that was in the business, among others, of transmitting messages on the behalf of customers that included Dengar. He died just outside the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine in debt to the establishment, the results of a conflict burned into the doorway as an irremovable stain despite the best efforts of two rehab droids. Soon after, Santhananan's legally questionable service was picked up by the anonymous Aeropteryx responsible for hiring Codeq's killers: Vol Hamame and Phedroi.


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