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"If there's one thing I can warn you about, it's Colicoid Infiltrator-Series droids. They're sneaky. Half the time, you don't hear them coming, and the other half, you wish you hadn't."

The Colicoid Infiltrator-series droid was an assassin droid model produced by the Colicoid Creation Nest. The droid was used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


The Infiltrator had 4 multijointed legs and long, sharp curved hooks at the ends of its arms. It was also equipped with storage on its body to store other items it might need during a mission, such as weapons or computer devices.

The deadly Infiltrator used a heurostatic processor. A side-effect of this processor, however, was an increase in chances of the droid rebelling against orders or even going rogue completely.



Colicoid Infiltrator

One of the Infiltrator's primary tactics was to land on the hull of a starship, then drill its way in and use an atmospheric generator to patch the hole behind it before its intended victims could be alerted to its presence. Using a holographically projected disguise field, the droid could then sneak around a ship and quietly assassinate every crew member or passenger, one by one.


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