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Ace Azzameen's vast collection in his room on the Mon Calamari Cruiser

Collectors were individuals who bought, collected, stole, or otherwise obtained rare and priceless treasures. These included artifacts, artwork, antiques or any kind of items they considered valuable. Some collectors sought various species of animals.

Jedi and Sith alike collected artifacts through the eras. Palpatine was perhaps the greatest collector of his (or possibly any) time. He had a large collection of artifacts and treasures of all kinds which he kept all over the galaxy in his Skyhook, the Imperial Palace, and his storehouses and secret vaults. Grievous collected lightsabers from Jedi he defeated as trophies. Others like Boba Fett collected Mandalorian armors and weapons.

Many crime lords and underworld kingpins were collectors as well. Jabba Desilijic Tiure kept hoards of valuables in his palace on Tatooine, while Borvo kept a collection of priceless objects and artifacts such as a King Tusken Rifle in his underground base on Naboo.

Some, like Ace Azzameen, collected anything they personally found worthwhile. He kept various trinkets and items as mementos from his many adventures.



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