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The first settlers to the Tapani sector came to the planet Pelagon around 13,000 BBY in huge colony ships sent from the Core. Beneath the oceans of Pelagon there were ancient ruins that pre-dated the arrival of the colonists.[1] During this period the sector was at the extreme of Human exploration of the galaxy and the early colonists of Pelagon were quite isolated. These original colonists controlled several other systems that were under Calipsa's control during the Galactic Civil War.[1] Most of these systems were rich in ore but were not as easily settled.[1] Fortunately, the region had an abundance of inhabitable worlds and it did not take long for the settlers to migrate out from Pelagon and prosper.[2]

The colonies were initially governed by the Pella Compact, the council that led the colony ships to Pelagon from the Core.[2] Its leaders established the first alliances with the Herglics and established the first trade routes in the region.[2]


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