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The colony creature was a sentient species that resided in the oceans of the planet Mon Calamari. The creature was made up of billions of independent cells that shared a collective consciousness, and it could also exert a weak form of mind control that enabled it to control the minds of dianogas. During the Clone Wars, the Mon Calamari established an underwater base on the seabed near to the colony creature's home. The presence of the base cut off the creature's food supply, almost killing it, but it survived by exerting control over the minds of passing dianogas and using them to bring it food. Seeking revenge, the creature then sent out a large force of dianogas to assault the underwater base. The attack was repulsed by the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and afterward Kenobi tracked down the colony creature. The Jedi attempted to negotiate with the creature, but it rejected his call to stop the fighting and instead it sent out more dianogas to launch a renewed attack on the base. However, via the application of the Living Force Kenobi became one with the soul of the colony creature and reached an accordance with it. The creature subsequently negotiated a peace resolution with the Mon Calamari Captain Gial Ackbar whereby the Mon Calamari would move their base and in return, the creature would aid them with tracking down Confederacy of Independent Systems invaders.


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