The coma-bloom was a flower which could be found in bloom within the artificially created forests of exotic and rare plants which comprised the hunting grounds of Sojourn. Yellow in color and curved into a horn-like shape, it blossomed, amongst other places, on the branches of low trees, and could easily be plucked by hand. The otherwise innocuous appearing flower was known, by those with the proper knowledge, to be highly poisonous (containing alkaloids that affected the brain if ingested), even to full-grown adults.

It was toxic to the extent that Darth Venamis, a Bith Dark Side Adept of the Sith Lord Darth Tenebrous, was reluctant to ingest it of his own free will when coerced to do so by the individual who had just bested him in lightsaber combat, Tenebrous' former apprentice, the Muun Darth Plagueis. After being forced by submission into ingesting it, the plant's properties plunged Venamis into a comatose state and would have killed him, save for Plagueis' intervention, maintaining the unconscious state indefinitely through the use of drugs in order to carry out his experiments with the midi-chlorians in the Bith's bloodstream.