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Combat aerospace patrol was the term given to refer to the tactic of sending starfighters to fly cover for ground-based forces while they conducted operations against a specified target. Pilots engaged in this activity would watch for and attempt to intercept any enemy atmospheric or spacebased defenses that attempted to intervene, essentially covering the section of a planet's air and space immediately surrounding the area of land-based engagements.


The tactic was used throughout the history of the galaxy by almost all military and police organizations and governments that fielded starfighter or airspeeder forces, as the tactic was not exclusive to the former. During a raid on Kerilt by the Invids led by Admiral Leonia Tavira, Corran Horn in the guise of Jenos Idanian, ordered elements of Bolt to engage in combat aerospace patrol while he went dirtdown to search out a flight of his pilots, led by Remart Sasyru, who had gone missing while securing the Morymento warehouses.



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