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The combat chamber was a holosimulator found on many Star Destroyers and was used to train various Imperial starfighter pilots in various missions. Some based on hypothetical scenarios, others based on historical events that happened throughout the Empire's history.

When a pilot enters the chamber they are given a choice of which craft to pilot, followed by which mission they wish to choose. Once the mission is chosen the device covers the player then gives a detailed briefing of the mission, followed by answers to questions provided by an Imperial briefing officer. Once the player completes two of four missions of a specific craft, they are rewarded a bronze colored combat medallion of the respected craft, followed by a silver for completion of a third, and a gold medallion for all 4 missions belonging to the craft the pilot was using.

Pilots also had the option of replaying the various tour of duty missions they participated in the past, which included questions from a Priest from the Secret Order of the Emperor.

Behind the scenesEdit

The combat chamber was a mode in the 1994 PC game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It acted as the equivalent of playing "Historical Combat Missions" in Star Wars: X-Wing.