Combat cloud cars were combination combat and patrol craft which filled a gap between traditional airspeeders and starfighters.


While built like traditional cloud cars, with linked ion/repulsorlift engines and sealed cabin for high-altitude flight, they had superior speed and maneuverability and could operate up to altitudes of around one hundred kilometers. They sported extra hull plating and enhanced weaponry which allowed them to stand up to space-capable fighters while operating at a fraction of the cost. The use of standardized replacement also made them more mechanically reliable than airspeeders which had been modified for combat, with far less time spent on maintenance, and thanks to their ion engines combat cloud cars could operate in environments hazardous to repulsorlift-only vehicles.[1]

Besides combat missions these aircraft were used in more civilian roles such as customs enforcement and even traffic control. Among the many prominent vehicle manufacturers who produced combat cloud cars were Bespin Motors, Aratech, Merkuun, SoroSuub and Ubrikkian, which produced the Talon I combat cloud car.[1]


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