The Combined Operations Center or ComOps Center for Outbound Flight was located on Dreadnaught-One. From this area, Captain Pakmillu had control over all six Dreadnaughts. Located just behind the bridge/monitor room complex, the ComOps Center stretched for thirty meters between the two main bow corridors. All 200 single-seat landspeeders and swoops used for transportation around Outbound Flight could be controlled from this point. In addition, the ComOps Center was where Lorana, a Jedi Knight, single-handedly controlled all six Dreadnaughts of the severely damaged Outbound Flight Project and landed them in a rock-filled valley on a planet without severely hurting any of the 57 remaining passengers of Outbound Flight. In the process, however, both Lorana and Thrass gave their lives to save the passengers.[1]


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