"I was always good with numbers. It was Vaz taught me how I could use it."

Combo was a male Human thief who lived during the time of the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


A partner of starship thief Vaz Traniff, Combo was captured on Nar Shaddaa after a bounty was out on their heads by Rogun the Butcher. The Hutt Raskurro was about to hang over Combo to Rogun's Houk enforced Strilth when Vaz Traniff and Voidhound arrived for rescue. The Houk was defeated, Combo released and Raskurro persuaded to severe Hutt Cartel's ties with Rogun. Afterwards, the Voidhound, Traniff and Combo set out to raid an Imperial treasury ship King's Ransom in orbit of the Smuggler's Moon. Vaz and Combo hid in a cargo container while the smuggler captain delivered them onto the ship in a stolen Imperial shuttle. Though the King's Ransom was soon destroyed by the Voidwolf, Combo and Vaz made out alive and with plenty of valuable plunder.


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