The Cometary Water Reclamation Project was a project that was initiated by the Dark Jedi Garth Ezzar during the Clone Wars, to discredit the Jedi of the Almas Academy.


The project was though up by Darth Sidious to discredit the Jedi of the Almas Academy, and he sent the Dark Jedi Garth Ezzar to initiate it. Ezzar disguised himself as Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk, the headmaster of the Academy and then met with the Wookiee leaders of the Comet Broom Service, a company that monitored and destroyed rogue comets in the Cularin system. Ezzar commissioned them to begin the Project, which he claimed was to insert a large comet into orbit around the planet Almas, to bring more water to the surface and allow the planet to be further terraformed.

About two weeks later the project was almost complete and the comet was ready to be sent to Almas. However, Ezzar traveled to Artom Station, the base of the Comet Broom Service, and after affecting the minds of the Wookiees, he had a slicer change the target co-ordinates of the project to those of the Almas Sith fortress. He then had the slicer leave details about the project in the computer system, in a way that would allow them to be detected by Cularin SpaceNav. Ezzar hoped that this would start an investigation that would discover the project and make Master Qel-Bertuk seem a Sith-obsessed maniac who was a threat to Almas, which would increase the anti-Jedi sentiments in the Cularin system.

The Heroes of Cularin began investigating the project, so Ezzar murdered the Wookiees, to prevent the heroes from learning the truth. Shortly afterwards, the heroes were able to prevent the comet from crashing into Almas.

Behind the scenesEdit

In At Your Service, the identity of the Dark Jedi and his master who were responsible for the project is not revealed. However, they were later identified as Garth Ezzar and Palpatine by the adventure Destruction.