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The ComfortRide passenger airspeeder was a model of air vehicle used to transport passengers on Coruscant.


The posse escapes

Cad Bane's posse escapes from the Senate Building in ComfortRide speeders

The ComfortRide was an airspeeder similar in appearance to the EasyRide model, but about two meters longer at 10,55 m.[2]

The airspeeder lacked the EasyRide's antenna, but had an elongated rear and a tail-fin.[1]


The ComfortRide was one of many models of taxi airspeeders in use during the Clone Wars. Duchess Satine Kryze and her entourage used a ComfortRide speeder to travel during their stay on Coruscant. The speeder was sabotaged and crashed into a skyscraper.[3]

Two ComfortRides were used during the rescue of Ziro the Hutt from the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center.[1]



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