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ComicScan was a regular department in Star Wars Galaxy Magazine and Star Wars Galaxy Collector that examined Star Wars comics.


Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 1: "Double Your Star Wars Pleasure"Edit

Writer Charlie Novinskie previews two forthcoming releases from Dark Horse Comics: Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith and Dark Empire II.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 2: "Star Wars...On A Daily Basis"Edit

Charlie Novinskie profiles artist Al Williamson's time spent illustrating the original Marvel Star Wars comic strip.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 3: "Marvelously Silly Aliens"Edit

Classically campy alien creatures from the Marvel Star Wars comics

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 4: "Illustrating Empire"Edit

Writer Gary Gerani examines the work of several Star Wars comics artists: Al Williamson, Carmine Infantino, Dave Dorman, and Cam Kennedy.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 5: "Comics' White Knight"Edit

Star Wars author Andy Mangels profiles Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson, who helped revive the Star Wars comics genre.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 6: "Pulp Faction"Edit

Writer Don Charles analyzes the role that bounty hunters play in Star Wars comics.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 7: "The Graying of the Galaxy"Edit

"Boba Fett and Xizor take center stage in Dark Horse's new Shadows of the Empire comics series"

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 8: "Taken By Force"Edit

The influence of the dark side of the Force on Dark Horse's Star Wars comics

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 9: "New Faces Rising"Edit

Examining artists Terry Dodson and Kevin Nowlan, who illustrated the Heir to the Empire comic adaptation

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 11: "Paint Him Black"Edit

A look at how the dominating presence of Darth Vader has made its mark on Star Wars comics

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 12: "Where Leia Lets Loose"Edit

Star Wars author Daniel Wallace explores the characterization of Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars comics.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 13: "Telling Tales"Edit

Daniel Wallace interviews writer Tom Veitch, co-author of the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comic series.

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