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Rebel Command Center
Rebel Command Center
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Alliance to Restore the Republic

A Rebel Command Center was an installation used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic for its various support units.


It was circular with some towers and a dish turret. It was manned by droids including the 2-1B and the Rebel Astromech Droid series R2-D5.


When the Command Centers are first constructed, they were bare, often being little more than girders and basic supports. This was especially true with the circular roof. In addition, it usually had a little more than a small, basic holoscreen for reporting on activities of the Alliance. It was also hooked up to external generators. Three pylons were also already in place. The main platform was also tiny, and a square-shaped satellite dish was nearby.

Further construction eventually led to a more stable appearance, with the circular roof being somewhat more stable and nearly complete. The floor area was also expanded and its holoscreen was upgraded to be more towering. The supports were also covered with armor. More powerful external generators were connected to the left and right of the base. The command center also replaced its satellite with a circular dish.

The Command Centers, upon further refurbishments, managed to have its roof base to not have holes in it. The supports also ended up letting loose some of the armor and placing additional struts. The holoscreen was replaced with a holoprojector with various holoscreens moved to the opposite side of the base. Containers were also found nearby as well as a generator. A ramp was also included.

Eventually, the Command Centers, upon completion, possessed a holoprojector pod that removed the starry features when displaying information, and removed most holoscreen terminals in favor of an amphitheater design. The roof also was fully complete, featuring curves. The Command Center also had a pit within the interior, and the interior itself is accessible via three ramps. The generator was also left armored, and the containers became additional power generators.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rebel Command Centers appear in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion pack. These command centers are buildable in the Rebel Alliance Campaign, or if the player captures a Rebel worker droid, or in the multiplayer mode.


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