The Command Performance was a Rendili-Surron Starlight-class light freighter owned and operated by Ahric Korownosek and his acting troupe the NovaCluster Players.


When the starting NovaCluster Players, an acting troupe, achieved an amount of success, their leader Ahric Korownosek invested in a ship, the Command Performance.

The Rendili-Surron Starlight-class light freighter was modified through the years to adjust to the passenger's needs: More space was added for the actors, for props and costumes and even for a stage. Korownosek also provided the ship with a library to store scripts and with a modified sensor package to add in the landings in worlds without an advanced starport.

Suddenly deciding to become an art thief, Korownosek also added a one-cubic-meter secret compartment. Korownosek stole from museums and galleries and stored the goods in the ship, trying to fence them in the next world the troupe would visit. At some point, Korownosek was found by the police and the Performance was forced to make a hasty planetary exit.