Command sector duty posts are circular posts designated to Imperial personnel on the Death Stars and/or some other important segment. On the Death Stars, those who man the stations have a rank of lieutenant or higher, and two to four can be stationed at any time. These served as a "mini bridge" for the commanding officers in question. They were extendible at the base to allow access to the assigned commanding officers.

The duty posts were surrounded by eight control boards, four of which were dedicated to the particular tasks assigned to the post, and the remainder handled communications, damage and diagnostics, computer access, as well as a direct feed to the post's computer access. Within the post was a ventilated base. The eight boards specific functions included two duty monitor modules, two command interface modules, one computer access module, one communications module, one secondary computer access module, and one damage control module. On the duty monitor module were several instruments, including a security lockdown lever. The computer access module possessed several instruments, including two viewscreen buttons. The communications module contained several instruments, including process state indicators and a secure comlink. The command interface module contained several instruments including a command authority verifier. Lastly, all of the modules have red blinking lights on the exterior edge of the module that acted as module status indicators.