The common thranta was the most common and well-known of the thranta species native to the planet Alderaan. The species was able to escape extinction even after the loss of their home, as some of the animals had been shipped to other locales such as Bespin.

Thranta Riders

Thranta riders on Bespin.

The beasts had strong wing muscles which allowed them to fly in the skies of their homeworld. Like the other subspecies, they were trainable and would be controlled by Thranta Riders. These handlers would place a compartment on the back of the beasts head while a larger passenger compartment was placed around its chest. Attempts were made to introduce the species to Coruscant, but the species could not survive the aerial pollution there. A large breed known as the giant thranta was identical to other common thrantas but, of course, larger in size. This is not to be confused with the great thranta, which was a distinct species.