"There are communications transceivers set into the wall every couple of yards, so you can communicate naturally with the swimmers on the other side of the barrier."

A communications transceiver,[1] or communication transceiver, was a device that allowed communications to be carried out across long distances[2] or through physical barriers such as walls or bodies of water.[1]

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The droid tri-fighters of the Confederate Navy were equipped with advanced communication transceivers, which, along with the craft's robust power plant, afforded it an impressive operating range for an automated starfighter not equipped with a hyperdrive.[2]

The interior walls in the city of Pavillion on Iskalon were fitted with communications transceivers, spaced at regular intervals of a few yards, which allowed communications between Iskalonians in the waters outside and "air-breathers" who remained in the self-contained underwater city. Lando Calrissian was able to speak with Primor in this manner during his visit to Pavillion.[1]



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