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"Star Destroyers Compliant and Enforcer from Imperial marshaling station Pii."
―An Imperial technician informs Tarkin of the Compliant's arrival[src]

The Compliant was a Star Destroyer[1] used by the Galactic Empire during the early years of its reign. Five years after the Empire's establishment, the Compliant was stationed at Imperial marshaling station Pii along with another the Enforcer, another Star Destroyer. Both vessels traveled to the Nouane system after a rebel cell attacked an Imperial convoy there while it traveled to the Imperial facility Sentinel Base. By the time the Compliant and Enforcer arrived however, the rebels had already been defeated by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Executrix, which under the command of Governor Wilhuff Tarkin had ambushed the cell during the attack. Tarkin initially thought the arrival of the two Star Destroyers was enemy reinforcements, but was informed by a technician that the vessels were friendly.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Compliant first appeared in the 2014 James Luceno novel Tarkin.


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