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Con'varra was a Twi'lek forger who worked onboard Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport.

He was an outcast from his home city on Ryloth and was sold into slavery as a part of his city's tribute to the Sludir slaver Quintik Kahr (also known as Big Quince). When Quintik Kahr's brother Omze'kehr Kahr started his Incredible Traveling Starport he gave him Con'varra as a good luck present. Omze freed the Twi'lek and paid for him to be trained as a slicer and forgery expert. After becoming an expert forger, he returned to Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport and founded Conv'arra's Data Central, providing quality forgeries and hacking services to visitors with a great system that could duplicate almost any document.

During the Galactic Civil War Con'varra was a suspicious old Twi'lek with a wrinkled face. Since he owed Omze his freedom, Con'varra was steadfast in his loyalty.


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