Conclave on Ossus

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The Conclave on Ossus was the first full Jedi Convocation of the New Jedi Order, taking place on Ossus.

During the convocation, Luke Skywalker declared himself the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order, and declared that the Jedi would serve the Galactic Alliance. He also commanded that the Jedi had to put the good of the Order above everything else, or they should resign. Danni Quee resigned, citing that her life was on Zonama Sekot now, as did Tenel Ka, as she was Queen Mother of Hapes, and she needed to continue to be Queen mother for the foreseeable future to prevent a civil war. Corran Horn attempted to resign over his role in the schisms the Order had been experiencing, but Skywalker refused it, saying that Horn should stop shouldering the blame for the disagreements and for the Destruction of Ithor.


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