Feltipern Trevagg

Feltipern Trevagg displays prominent cranial horns

"Head cones are marvels of the universe. Through their sensory vibrations I can track anyone down. Now I know, and every Gotal knows, that the size of the cones doesn't affect one's prowess, but on Antar IV, where I come from, those cursed with undeveloped cones frequently resort to falsies. (chuckles) It's sad, but true."
Feltipern Trevagg — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Cones were extra-sensory organs on all Gotal. Cones would allow Gotal to transmit emotional waves and detect "vibrations" of other beings. On Antar 4, though they would function like normal cones, undeveloped cones would lead to teasing.


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