"Hey, just a little worried about losing my ship Tala. That makes this a big deal."
―Conevor to Tala[src]

Conevor was a male individual who worked with the pilot Tala and the Drall Gus during the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the war Conevor began slumming on Treasure Ship Row, a street in the Blue Sector of the planet Corellia's Coronet City. Whilst on the Row he began spending time with the privateers known as the Silestro privateers, and boasted to them of Tala's incredible speed as a pilot, claiming he would bet his starship on her in a race. The privateers leader, Jostero, then challenged Tala to a swoop race, with Conevor betting on Tala. Whilst waiting at the finish line, he became increasingly nervous as Tala raced, and contacted her by comm several times throughout much to her annoyance. Shortly before the race finished Gus informed Conevor that no matter the outcome of the race the privateers planned on killing the trio and taking their belongings. Tala won the race, but before the privateers could attack the three comrades, a speeder belonging to the Corellian Security Force arrived and both parties involved in the race fled.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Conevor was first mentioned in a short narrative at the start of Suns of Fortune, a sourcebook released in 2014 for Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying system. The book never clarified his species.


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