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The Confederacy military was the military force of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and it consisted of its military assets aligned against the Galactic Republic, including Separatist Droid Army[12] and the Separatist navy.[15] The army of the Techno Union was also placed at the disposal of the Separatists.[12] Various other worlds also provided military units such as Umbara's Militia,[16] Zygerria's royal guard,[17] and several Kage Warriors.[7]

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As leader of the Confederacy and its Senate,[1] Dooku held the most authority over the Confederacy's military operations and its strategies.[18] Only members of the Separatist Council such as Viceroy Gunray,[19] Emir Tambor,[20] and Archduke Poggle[21] were known to take command of their military's various operations personally.

Dooku, however, was busy with maintaining his civilian authority over the Confederacy, and many of his military responsibilities were taken on by his generals and servants.[1] One of the Confederacy's best officers was the Kaleesh cyborg, General Grievous,[22] who served as Supreme Commander of the Droid Army. Under Grievous and Dooku served a number of high-ranking officers including Asajj Ventress,[5] Kleeve,[4] Coburn Sear,[6] and number of others.


The Droid Army was the largest army assembled,[12] outnumbering the Republic Clone Army by 100 to 1.[23] The army was made of droid soldiers from organizations such as the Techno Union, Commerce Guild, and the Trade Federation.[12]


The Confederacy's Navy composed of ships used by the Trade Federation[12] and Banking clan.[2] The Navy was led, until it's destruction at Coruscant by the Invisible Hand as General Grievous's flagship.[2]

The capital ships were also augmented by squadrons of starfighters, primarily composed of Vulture-class droid star fighters[5] and Droid tri-fighters.[24]


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