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"Governor Chistor and Counselor Impeveri are both going to be attending the summit. So are the Mothers of a dozen irstat, and at least one Jedi. Senator Wren is sending one of her aides. It's a tempting target, obviously."
Gavin Bresch, on the conference[src]

In about 19 BBY, a conference was scheduled to take place in the Cularin system, which was to be attended by various local dignitaries from throughout the system. The conference was initially set to take place on the moon Tilnes and in the interest of security, the proposed location of meeting was not publicly disclosed. However, the Believers, a Sith cult that operated in the system, planned to attack the summit, so the Cularin Militia hired a group of freelance agents to ensure that the Believers' plot did not succeed. The agents discovered that the Believers had learned that the conference was to take place on Tilnes, so the Militia relocated the summit to somewhere else in the Cularin system, where the conference eventually took place without any problems.