The confiscation of Skaak Tipper goods was a mission carried out near Kaadara by Royal Naboo Security Forces agents under the supervision of Colonel Quarsh Panaka.


During the Galactic Civil War, Naboo was terrorized by several criminal organizations; one of these were the Skaak Tippers—a group of hackers who posed a serious threat to the Naboo economy.

As an attempt to learn more about the Skaak Tippers, the RSF dispatched an unknown number of newly recruited RSF agents to investigate the Skaak Tippers further. The agents were dispatched to a Skaak Tipper bunker situated on the beach just outside Kaadara. Here, the agents engaged in combat with several Skaak Tippers.

The raidEdit

The RSF agents fought their way into the bunker and found a comlink, presumably looted from a Willoc, deep in the bowels of the bunker. When they activated it, they established contact with Colonel Panaka, who enquired what they were doing with Willoc's comlink.

Fighting the Skaak TippersEdit

Having explained the situation to Panaka, the RSF recruits were asked to continue fighting the Skaak Tippers until they learned more about their operations.

Having killed at least eleven Skaak Tippers and searched their bodies, the RSF agents found a radio communication device on one of the fallen Skaak Tippers. The RSF agents activated the radio unit, and pretending to be Skaak Tippers themselves, they obtained the coordinates of another Skaak Tipper location, at which ten weapons crates were located.

Confiscating the weapons cratesEdit

The RSF agents set off for the new location, which was situated further down the coastline. Here they engaged in combat with the Skaak Tippers, during the fight, the RSF agents eventually found and confiscated the weapons crates and made off with them.


The RSF agents reported in to Panaka who was distressed to hear that the Skaak Tippers were smuggling weapons. He deduced from the information brought to him by the RSF recruits and from some old information Willoc had given him that the Skaak Tippers were planning to assault Kaadara in order to break into all the bank terminals in the city and steal their contents.

The RSF recruits were rewarded and subsequently dispatched on a direct attack on another Skaak Tipper base.