Conjeni were sapients who resembled red-furred starfish from the Conjenus system, located in the Mid Rim's Vish sector.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Conjeni were starfish-shaped sentients covered with reddish fur. They have two eyes on the top-most arm of their bodies, and two large black eyes above a smooth-lipped mouth. The middle two arms serve as normal arms, and end with three thin fingers and a tentacle-like thumb. The lower two arms act like legs.


The Conjeni hailed from the Conjenus system, located in the Vish sector in the Mid Rim.

Conjeni in the galaxyEdit

Durquist was a Conjeni pilot, and part of Bruce Mercy's band. Along with Morph, Durquist piloted the Starburst during pirate missions.


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