The Constitutional Protectorate of Prakith was the name given to the government of the Imperial fortress world of Prakith in the Deep Core, as reorganized by Moff Foga Brill in the later years of the Galactic Civil War.

His Glory the Governor-for-Life remained nominally a subordinate of Grand Moff Gann, but he controlled most aspects of life on Prakith. The defensive fleet, renamed the Grand Imperial Navy, was reorganized to enmesh both officers and other ranks in a network of patronage and clientele, while a militia known as the Red Police was established to provide security for loyalists and their families. A low-value local currency was introduced in place of Imperial Credits, although at higher levels of society, an essentially separate system developed, based on bullion and valuable goods not readily available on the planet.

Nevertheless, Prakith was not completely cut off from the rest of the Galaxy. The Moff's position was further secured by the fact that a major headquarters of the Inquisitorius was located on the planet, and by a continuing alliance with the Mining Guild. The planet's industry was sustained by the conscription of workers, and there were reports of mass executions of homeless vagrants, but on the whole, Imperial discipline kept disorder to a minimum, and Rebel activity was almost nonexistent.

Prakith eventually joined the New Republic after Foga Brill was killed by his own officers.



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