Contemporary Motivators: Star Wars is a comic book adaptation of the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. It is part of Pendulum Press's Contemporary Motivators series, published in 1978.

Contemporary Motivators does not strictly follow the events of A New Hope, as dialog does not precisely match the movie, and the location of some scenes are altered, if not removed altogether.

The black-and-white images of the comic were used for the Old School Star Wars Filmstrip. The panels were used without the speech bubbles and were colored, sometimes cropped.

Publisher's summaryEdit

It was a time of civil war in the galaxy. The evil "Dark Lord" Darth Vader and his troops of soldiers were trying to crush a small group of men fighting against them. These men, the Rebels, knew that the Imperial government which ruled the galaxy had grown too strong. They feared that its leader, Darth Vader, and his evil friends would try to make the people of the galaxy their slaves.

As the story begins, a small Rebel spacecraft has been attacked by Darth Vader's huge warship. Somehow the Dark Lord has learned that the beautiful Rebel leader, Princess Leia Organa, has hidden the plans to his deadly Imperial battle station aboard her ship. Should she escape with the plans, the Rebels would surely find a way to destroy the battle station. Thus they could end the harsh rule of the empire.


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