"I am Darth Venamis."
"Darth? We'll see about that."
"Your death will legitimize the title, Plagueis."
―Darth Venamis and Darth Plagueis[src]

The Duel on Sojourn occurred in 67 BBY on the planet of Sojourn, where Hego Damask, the Muun Sith Lord Darth Plagueis resided after he hosted the Gathering there. After he hosted his event, his Sun Guards brought news that an intruder penetrated the building's defenses. Plagueis immediately sensed a Force-sensitive being, whom he at first perceived as a Jedi. In the forests, he confronted the disturbance, a Bith with a Sith lightsaber. At first, he believed it to be his former Master, Darth Tenebrous, then perceived the Bith as Tenebrous's offspring, a product of Bith science. The Bith identified himself as Darth Venamis, and that Plagueis' death would legitimize the Darth title.

The duelEdit

The duel was short, but furious. Tenebrous had taught Venamis the fighting style that Plagueis had adopted so it was hard at first for the Muun to strike, though in the end, Plagueis disarmed Venamis and held his and Venamis's weapon at his neck forcing the Bith to surrender. Venamis ultimately decided to apprentice himself to Plagueis, though the Muun forced the Bith to poison himself with a root of the local fauna, causing him to enter a comatose state to allow Plagueis to experiment on him, with the help of the droid 11-4D.


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