Convergence was the ancestral home of House Palpatine in Naboo's Lake Country. Located at the end of a vast stretch of meadow beneath mountains overlooking a lake, it was built at some point before c. 135 BBY in the style of Theed buildings. Both Cosinga Palpatine and his son, Palpatine, were raised in Convergence.


Convergence was a majestic country house built in the style of Theed architecture, incorporating rotund domes and graceful towers, located approximately two hours by Gian speeder from the aforementioned city. A wide flight of stone steps led to a dimly lit, spacious foyer decorated with wall hangings—including tapestry displaying the Palpatine crest—and statuary set on plinths, that ended in a veranda offering a view of the lake beyond—including the island of Varykino—through round-topped, floor-to-ceiling windows. A table overlooking the veranda was used for dining. Stonework predominated in the house, the expensive furniture was constructed of the rarest hardwoods in the galaxy, the rooms were decorated with works of art, and the floors were covered with plush carpets. Several servants and security guards worked for the Palpatines in Convergence.[1]


According to Cosinga Palpatine, around the year 135 BBY, his grandfather, after becoming aware of the fact that the most recent Gungan war had been manipulated by Houses Tapalo, Veruna and other royals seeking to profit from Naboo's plasma reserves, challenged Bon Tapalo's father to a duel of honor. The duel took place on the Convergence veranda overlooking the lake, and resulted in the death of Cosinga's grandfather.[1]

In 65 BBY, Magister Hego Damask of Damask Holdings traveled to Naboo after learning from members of Subtext Mining that a massive plasma reserve had been discovered beneath Theed. During his second visit to the planet, Damask and the Muuns accompanying him were detained by a group of security guards at the spaceport. The Magister was then escorted by Palace Guards to Convergence. He was left to wander in the foyer for a while, and then was greeted by Cosinga Palpatine, who gave him a tour of about a dozen of the house's rooms. Afterwards, they dined in the table overlooking the veranda, and Palpatine related the story of his grandfather's duel with Bon Tapalo's father. Veiled threats were exchanged, and the meeting ended with Cosinga Palpatine throwing Damask out of the house.[1]

After the Palpatine family's unexplained disappearance following their trip to Chandrila's Hanna City on the family starship—actually a massacre at the the hands of the eldest son and heir, Palpatine—the latter sold the house and moved to a modest apartment in Theed.[1] Years later, after becoming Emperor of the galaxy, Palpatine maintained a different country house on Naboo.[2]


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