"Wow! That means your uncle Dro is related to my aunt Coolie..."
Luke Skywalker[src]

Aunt Coolie was apparently a relative, real or adoptive, of Luke Skywalker.

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Behind the scenesEdit

When Callista Ming told Luke about her uncle Dro's opposition to anyone having fun, the Jedi Master laughingly recalled his aunt Coolie, remarking that "your uncle Dro [must be] related to my aunt Coolie" and leading Callista to joke about her and Luke being long-lost cousins. However, Luke's Aunt Coolie does not appear to be referred to in any other known source.

Adding to the confusion, the exchange in question took place in a dreamscape, while a feverish and injured Luke was trapped aboard the Imperial battlemoon Eye of Palpatine and Callista was a disembodied consciousness trapped inside the ship's gunnery computer.

Based on this one reference, several possibilities exist as to Coolie's identity, but if she was a nominal relative of Luke's (rather than an "honorary aunt" or a figment of Luke's fevered imagination), she is most likely to have been a member of the Whitesun family.