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"Statement: You are a risk, Coorta. You are impulsive... crude... and soon, deceased."

Coorta was a miner at the Peragus Mining Facility in 3951 BBY with a particularly nasty streak and a strong desire to leave the facility to do something more profitable.


"Mocking Query: Coorta? Coorta, are you dead yet?"

When Meetra Surik arrived at the facility aboard a battered Ebon Hawk, Coorta immediately began entertaining the idea of selling Surik to the Exchange, which had posted a massive bounty on Jedi. Several of the miners agreed that this would be in their best interests, but the administration officer was able to put a stop to his plans temporarily and contacted the Republic, informing them of the location of Surik. HK-50, in order to accomplish his mission, set a plan in motion to prevent the Republic from coming to rescue Surik, and to arrange for transportation away from the mining facility.

HK-50 contacted Coorta using the maintenance officer's voice and convinced him that they would be able to sell Surik to the Exchange. HK-50 was to detain all of the miners in the dormitories with a few well timed explosions resulting in a lockdown and cover their tracks by ensuring the Republic was not alerted to their presence. Coorta was to use his contacts to provide transportation out of the Peragus system. The Mine Foreman, Sien, learned of the pair's plans and tried to report the scheme to the Administration Officer but was knocked out by Coorta before he could do so.

Meanwhile, HK-50 was executing his own elaborate plan and had no intention of honoring his and Coorta's agreement. When the time came to trigger the emergency lockdown HK-50 attempted to lock Coorta with the other miners. Coorta barely made it out but his efforts were all for naught. HK-50 ordered several mining droids, armed with mining lasers and drills, under his command to kill Coorta and his conspirators, HK-50 also reversed the Turbo-lift codes in case Coorta managed to get far enough to be able to escape.

Personality and traitsEdit

"What? That's going to kill them all!"
Coorta was someone who didn't care whether anything was legal or otherwise, as long as it meant a profit to him. He earned the Ire of the Security Officer for this. Some miners were also suspicious of his motives; in fact, one of them who had a secret stash of illegal goods got wary of what was available for sale with this. Coorta was also willing to attack Sien because of him attempting to stop the plan made by HK-50. However, Coorta did have some concern for the miners; after realizing that the other miners trapped in the dormitories were going to be killed by the toxic exhaust fumes in the ventilation he expressed that out clearly with shock.

Behind the scenesEdit

Like the other miners and officers in the Peragus mining facility, Coorta is only seen in holorecords and a generic corpse which bears his name. His true appearance is clear only when the game's "Frame Buffer Effects" option is switched off.


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