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"I think it's the Corbet dictum: 'What is, is without'"
Deak Starkiller to Kane Starkiller[src]

The Corbet dictum was a saying that Kane Starkiller had his sons memorize as part of their Jedi training. It was the answer to a conundrum posed by the Jedi Master with a cube that Deak Starkiller had been examining.

Deak's precociousness with Jedi doctrine outstripped his brothers', but he died shortly thereafter at the hands of an Unidentified Knight of the Sith.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the first draft, Deak is renamed Bink Valor and his father, Akira Valor. They have exactly the same lines. When Deak reappears as an Aquillian Ranger in the second draft, he is older and already trained as a Jedi, and the scene has been eliminated.

This phrase resembles one of the precepts of Master Yoda: "No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try", in Episode V, mostly through its syntax and inversion of expectations. It is, however, obscure in its meaning without much surrounding context.