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Canon galaxy map

A simplified map of the galaxy. Note that the Core refers to both the Deep Core and Core Worlds.

"But some of the old-timers resent newcomers. They think we're all Core Worlders come to exploit them and tell them they're doing everything wrong."
Merei Spanjaf[src]

The Core Worlds,[1] also known as the Coruscant Core,[2] the Inner Core,[3] or simply the Core, was the area of the galaxy that bordered the Deep Core and contained some of the wealthiest and most prestigious planets.[1]

Alderaan,[4] Brentaal IV,[1] Chandrila,[5] Corellia,[6] Corulag,[7] Coruscant,[4] Dowut,[8] Duro,[9] Eufornis Major,[10] Ganthel,[11] Hosnian Prime, Kuat,[12] Plexis,[13] Tangenine,[14] and Tinnel IV[15] were all Core Worlds.

When the Galactic Republic was formed[1] about one thousand years before the onslaught of the Clone Wars,[16] the Core Worlds became ravenous. They were granted permission to settle new planets and establish trading colonies, either by cutting deals with indigenous populations or simply by overrunning them.[1] Inhabitants of the Core Worlds had a distinctly clipped, superior accent, and were generally regarded as snobs.[7]

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