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"Well, I admire anyone who can crawl their way out of the sewer. Especially a sewer as putrid as Corellia."
Dryden Vos, to Han Solo[src]

Corellia was a planet located in the galaxy's Core Worlds[1] known for its ace pilots and large starships.[13] Vessels such as the Millennium Falcon[14] and Imperial starships were built on Corellia.[8] At some point in the Imperial reign, an organization known as the Corellian Resistance operated on the planet, fighting against the Galactic Empire. One of their members, Miru Nadrinakar, attempted to warn them of an upcoming crackdown.[15]

It was the homeworld of Han Solo,[16] Wedge Antilles, Crix Madine, BoShek,[17] the Besalisk Gadren,[7] the bounty hunters Dengar[18] and Mercurial Swift,[19] and the Jedi younglings Kalifa,[20] Petro,[21] and Wanten of the First Order.[22]



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