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"The Corellians build 'em the way I like 'em."
Han Solo on Corellian freighters[src]

Corellian was a term to describe individuals native to the planet Corellia. One notable member of this race was Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon.

Society and cultureEdit

Corellians were Humans native to the planet Corellia,[1] a temperate Core World of forests, jungles, and urban environments. The world and its natives were known for their shipbuilding,[15] with the Corellian Engineering Corporation[16] producing starships ranging from freighters such as the YT-1300[17] to cruisers like the Consular-class utilized by the Galactic Republic.[18] Many notable Corellians were also famed among the galaxy's greatest pilots; Corellia's luminaries included Han Solo and Wedge Antilles.[15]

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