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The Corellian Dreadnaught was a capital ship used by the Five Worlds.


Corellian Dreadnaughts had egg-shaped hulls that were painted blue. Designed for close-quarters combat with enemy ships, primarily capital ships, they were equipped with missile launchers and turbolaser turrets spaced evenly and heavily across the hull. The Millennium Falcon's threat board estimated them as having at least twice the firepower of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.


These dreadnaughts were built at the Kiris shipyards, located in an asteroid field at the edge of the Corellian system, for the Five Worlds, with construction secretly beginning around 30 ABY. By 40 ABY, three had been built, and were used in the Blockade of Corellia.

The three vessels showed even more potential than expected when they devastated several fleets in the ensuing battle. The dreadnaughts were later used in the Battle of Hapes, where they were ultimately defeated. Two of the Dreadnaughts were destroyed in an attempt to turn the Hapes Consortium against the Galactic Alliance.

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