The Corellian Liberal Front was a political party in the Corellian system.


The CLF was one of many factions on Corellia that attempted to influence the government in the years after the Yuuzhan Vong War. They worked as the primary opposition to Thrackan Sal-Solo's power of the system. Similar to the Democratic Alliance, they had a strong following among the population and held a high number of seats in the Corellian Assembly.

This party worked with both the Democratic Alliance and the Centerpoint Party in blocking the measures instigated by Sal-Solo as well as his followers through their influence. It was through this means that they were able to block radical moves made by Sal-Solo. However, while they never publicly admit it, the Liberal Front agreed to work in the coalition government if Thrackan was removed from power.

After Sal-Solo's assassination, the CLF and Democratic Alliance worked together to establish the basis for a new coalition government with Deputy President Vol Barad. The Centerpoint Party remained on in an advisory role.