"It was the Corellian buckwheat noodles with rancor sauce, sir."
C-3PO gives Skywalker the phrase to identify himself to Sakhet[src]

Corellian buckwheat noodles were a type of buckwheat noodle from the planet Corellia. Following the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War, Rebel agents Luke Skywalker and Nakari Kelen were sent to meet with the Kupohan Sakhet intelligence agent on the planet Denon. Before departing told to identify themselves to her by ordering Corellian buckwheat noodles and rancor sauce. Skywalker and Kelen successfully reached Sakhet's Noodles, the noodle bar that the Kudophan used as a front for her intelligence services, and Skywalker made the order as directed. The pair were given a receipt telling them to return for a meeting the following morning and then served a regular order of buckwheat noodles and nerf nuggets instead of the Corellian buckwheat noodles and rancor sauce.[1]

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Corellian buckwheat noodles were first mentioned in Heir to the Jedi, a novel written by Kevin Hearne and released in 2015.


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