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"Surely it will not come to that. We're still flying under a diplomatic flag. The Empire would not dare board us."
―Corla Metonae[src]

Corla Metonae served as the chief petty officer on the CR90 corvette Tantive IV. In service to the royal house of Alderaan, Metonae served aboard the Tantive IV under Captain Raymus Antilles during the early days of the Galactic Civil War. As the corvette was traveling from Scarif to Tatooine, Metonae was in the cockpit when Antilles suggested that the only hope for Leia Organa, in the case of the Galactic Empire stopping and boarding the ship, would be the escape pods, Metonae, however, stated that it would surely not come to that as the ship was flying under a diplomatic flag. Metonae was proven wrong shortly after when the Devastator attacked, and the corvette was boarded.[1]

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