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"You just refuse to wake up, don't you? Not your trooper designation. Your name. From before you signed up. I'm Corlac. And you are?"
―Corlac to Terex[src]

Corlac, also known as TK-605, was a human male who served as a stormtrooper of the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Jakku. After gunning down their corporal, Corlac and the stormtrooper Terex buried their armor and spent a year building an "Ugly" starship to escape Jakku. While Terex was still determined to rebuild the Empire, Corlac wanted to form a criminal empire with the help of the female criminals Wenda and Bett. After gaining access to the Rothana Imperial Shipyards, Corlac and the ladies conspired to assassinate Terex. However, Terex discovered their plot and blasted them to death with the Carrion Spike's laser cannons.


Battle of JakkuEdit

During the Galactic Civil War, Corlac signed up to serve the Galactic Empire as a stormtrooper. He was given the designation "TK-605". Corlac, along with fellow trooper TK-603 and their corporal fought the New Republic forces at Jakku. As the battle ended in favor of the New Republic, Corlac realized that the Empire had lost. When the corporal ordered them to fight to the last man under the threat of death, Corlac shot him dead. When TK-603 expressed shock, Corlac responded that he did not feel like fighting to the last man and asked TK-603 if he agreed.[2]

When TK-603 expressed confusion and asked what were their orders, TK-605 pointed to a stricken Star Destroyer and said that the Empire was dead and there was nobody to order them around anymore. Taking off his helmet, TK-605 said that he did not work for them anymore. When TK-603 asked if he was taking off his armor, Corlac responded that the New Republic would be hunting down Imperials and they had a better chance of surviving without their armor. TK-603 realized that Corlac was right. As the two buried their armor, Corlac asked TK-603 what was his name. TK-603 reluctantly introduced himself as Terex.[2]

The two men then hid until nightfall before heading to a settlement to find work. When Terex expressed unease about abandoning his armor, Corlac agreed that it was little more than "trash." Corlac and Terec spent about a year building an "Ugly" out of salvaged parts including the head of an AT-AT walker and TIE Interceptor wings. The two men came to regard each other as squad mates. While Terex was still determined to rejoin the Imperial remnants and help put down the Rebellion, Corlac was not interested and wanted to travel to the Outer Rim planet of Kaddak where had some contacts. Terex agreed to come provided he could bring his armor.[2]

Joining the piratesEdit

On Kaddak, Corlac re-established contacts with the female crime bosses Wenda and Bett, who ran a large ship repair and salvage operation. While Corlac had abandoned the Empire, Terex was still determined to rebuild the Empire. knowing that Terex had once worked at the Rothana Imperial Shipyards, Corlac manipulated Terex into helping him and his criminal associates Wenda and Bett gain access to the shipyards under the pretext of bringing back the Empire.[3] In truth, Corlac and his associates planned to use the shipyard to obtain ships for their pirate fleet.[1]

After some attempts, Terex managed to gain Corlac, Wenda, and Bett access to the shipyard's repair bay. While the shipyard had been abandoned, it was still being maintained on auto-security mode by droids and other automated systems.[3] By 7 ABY, Corlac and his associates had taken control of the former Rothana Imperial shipyards. While Terex was repairing Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's former starship Carrion Spike, Corlac informed Wenda and Bett that their plan to rebuild the Empire was a ruse to get Terex's help. Since the Carrion Spike had cloaking capabilities, Corlac planned to use it for piracy operations. Once Terex had fixed the ship, Corlac planned to kill Terex, regarding him as little more than a tool.[1]

Unknown to Corlac and his criminal associates, Terex was eavesdropping on them over the intercom. He activated the Carrion Spike's weapons systems and obliterated the shipyard's control station, killing Corlac, Wenda, and Bett. Realizing that the Empire was finally gone, Terex took control of Corlac, Wenda, and Bett's gang. Terex became the leader of the Ranc gang until his pirates intercepted a shipment bound for an Imperial remnant known as the First Order. Terex subsequently left the Ranc gang and joined the First Order's Security Bureau as a spy.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Honestly, I can't wait. If I hear him talk about the noble Imperial spirit one more time..."
"Isn't he your partner? Didn't you two serve together in Palpatine's army?"
"I never served anyone, Bett, I'm out for me. Terex, though... yeah. He served. All right."
―Corlac expressing his true motivations to Wenda[src]

Corlac was a human man with blonde hair and dark eyes. While Corlac served the Empire as a stormtrooper and claimed that Terex was his partner, he was only concerned with looking out for himself.[1] Following the Battle of Jakku, Corlac was pragmatic enough to realize that the Empire was a lost cause and cast aside his stormtrooper armor. Corlac also convinced his friend Terex to do the same. Corlac and Terex used their mechanical and scavenging skills to cobble together an "Ugly" out of discarded ship and vehicle parts.[2] Corlac was also a manipulator who played on Terex's desire to build the Empire in order to achieve his own goal of building a criminal empire. Corlac was even willing to kill his former comrade in arms to achieve these goals. However, Corlac in his pride underestimated Terex's vindictiveness.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Corlac first appeared in the 2016 comic Poe Dameron 8: The Gathering Storm, Part I, written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.[2]


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